Day Desk Rate

Day Desk Rate


Work all day at Bookmark with no strings attached.  This is a one-time charge and not re-curring.  Best to confirm there is a desk available by emailing

Not ready to become a Bookmark Member yet?  Book a sit-stand desk, adjustable chair, with double-monitor.  For the month of March this is limited to only 4 people per day to comply with Federal Guidelines of 6 feet separation.  The Private Office, which is normally $20 an hour, will be available with this offer for $40 a day.  It will be provided to the first person to book and to reserve via email  The additional three spaces are two office and a third quiet area in the back of the office.

If your spouse or close friend would like to share the space with you, you can consider it buy-one-get-one free, as additional desks are available but will remain unused to comply with guidelines.  If you are an employee this is likely a charge you can expense, if you ask.  We do provide receipts and take credit cards.

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