Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coworking defines co-working as an arrangement in which several workers from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings especially for work-at-home professionals, and people who travel frequently. Additionally, coworking helps workers avoid isolation and can eliminate distractions.  Some coworking spaces charge membership dues.

Flexible and remote workers are excellent candidates for co-working.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forty-two million wage and salary workers (29%) could work from home, and 36 million workers (25%) sometimes worked at home.  While 57% of wage and salary workers had a flexible schedule. 

Many remote & flexible workers spend hours of their day on the phone and the rest of the day working on projects on computers.  When it comes to important calls, coffee shops have many unexpected noises associated with the art of making their products and not conducive for planned, external phone calls.  The library is often too quiet for phone calls, though they do offer meeting rooms there is a limit to the length of time you can use them (30 minutes to 2 hours) and cannot typically be booked at a regular cadence.  Co-working is an office, so phones are welcome, though loud talkers do need to be aware of others.  Additionally, co-working ideally provides the opportunity for a cadence of productive work over the course of several hours.  As Road Warrior explains, https://www.roadwarrior.blog/time-blocking/ Forcing one task for one block of time allows depth; putting it on the schedule allows you to have the time at all.

Membership is not required to work at Bookmark but preference for seating is given to members.  Options for non-members start at $20. Non-members can rent the conference room and also work at Bookmark.  Membership is recommended in order to ensure your preferred space is available on an ongoing basis. 

Bookmark members receive two half-day visits each month which can be used from 9-1 or 1-5.  Reservations for those visits is recommended but not required.  Reservations can be requested via call or text to 833-781-7171 or via support@bookmarkventures.com.

Members should consider the Day-of-Week plan or the ten trip options listed on the Membership page.  There is also a conference room available on an ad hoc basis.  

At any given time, Bookmark has the capacity to host 25-35 people across 12 sit-stand desks, 8 tables for members to host guests or spread out on their own, 4 additional counter spots, and a conference room which seats 10.

Bookmark is partnering with local coffee brewers to bring in black coffee for a modest purchase.  Additionally, Bookmark offers the opportunity to pre-order customized coffee and tea orders in advance, which can be delivered to the office while you work.  This order will be managed via text messaging and paid for through a member's Bookmark account.  Bookmark coffee is intended to be an amenity for its members.

Yes, non-members are encouraged to join in the discussion.  We hope that once you see the value in starting conversations online, you will considering joining us in person as a member or as a user of the private office and or conference rooms we offer.  

Bookmark does have on-site staff to ensure members are clear on where to sit and how to connect to power, the internet, etc.  Bookmark Reception can be contacted via phone call or text at 833-781-7171 or support@bookmarkventures.com.  Bookmark Reception will also receive packages for members who purchase Bookmark's Virtual Office product on a monthly basis via bookmarkventures.com.

No - Bookmark Elmhurst is the first Bookmark location.

Book is not a franchise nor does Bookmark offer franchise opportunities.  Bookmark is a sole proprietorship.  

Yes, unless otherwise stated by Bookmark current member.

Bookmark does absorb credit card fees at this time.

Bookmark accepts credit card, cash, check.  Credit cards are securely processed the combination of an SSL Certificate, Woo Commerce, and Stripe. Point of Sale Credit Card purchases are also connected to Woo Commerce and Stripe.    

Yes, if you have an incorporated company like an LLC.  See this resource or speak to your accountant for more information: https://www.coworkingresources.org/blog/is-your-coworking-membership-tax-deductible If you are an individual professional who does not own a company, you should be advised it may or may not be deductible.  Similar to writing off a home office, there are pro's and con's to consider that are different for each house-hold.

Yes, but you will likely need to build a business case.  Each company has a unique expense policy.  Research your company's policy first, then speak to your manager, HR and or expense department.  In cases where you are hosting a customer, it is easily approved.  However, if you are an employee who is expected to have your own resources at home for wifi, and phone, co-working may be something you have to pay for on your own in order to be more productive.  If your company already approves wifi, phone and other work-from-home expenses they are more likely to be more open to the idea.  If they do not allow any expenses in general and you are forced through an internal procurement channel, it is unlikely to be approved.  Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and invest in yourself, your time, and your network.  Brainstorm with your neighbors and see how others are fairing.

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